About A. T. Chadwick Company

A. T. Chadwick Company was founded in 1966 and incorporated in 1970. We are a Mechanical Contracting firm serving the Delaware Valley area with over Thirty-Five years of experience. Our areas of expertise include plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, process piping, and field management. Our projects include pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, and industrial operations.

One of the most important and critical aspects of a well run project is a Management Team possessing the experience, integrity, and dedication for successful completion of the project. A.T. Chadwick Company subscribes to the Management Team Concept, which we believe assures continuity and maximizes productivity. The management team we employ is comprised of personnel with extensive experience in value engineering, budget control, and project management.

All projects are supervised by experienced Superintendents, Project Managers, and Trade Foremen, who are all dedicated craftsmen. Subcontractors, when required, are chosen on the basis of past performance and present capabilities. They are closely monitored by our Project Managers to ensure adherence to contract documents and project schedules. Our goal is to constantly improve on the quality and time it takes to get a project done. By purchasing the finest materials, employing the best craftsmen, and utilizing efficient techniques and administration, we continue to improve our ability to meet that goal.