At A. T. Chadwick Company, we specialize in providing mechanical contracting services for some of the industry’s most challenging projects. We were contacted by the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to install an air conditioning system in their facility. This was no ordinary installation job; the museum is located in Memorial Hall, originally constructed in 1872 for the 1876 Centennial Exposition and had never had an air conditioning system before. Several other crucial updates were required as well, including a full renovation of the building’s plumbing. With our deep level of experience in plumbing, air conditioning, and HVAC contracting, we were ideally suited to accept the project.

Please touch museum installation
Aerial of Please Touch Museum

Working on a structure of this age presented a number of unique challenges. Most of the buildings originally constructed for the 1876 celebration were for temporary use only, and numerous modernizing features had to be installed. The Please Touch Museum is also the home of many precious and beloved artifacts, including a refurbished carousel originally built in 1908. Taking care that our work did nothing to endanger the museum’s collection, we began this contracting job. We completely renovated the plumbing, adding two full-sized catering kitchens and installing several miles of pipe. We also unearthed the basement and performed a thorough renovation of the building’s HVAC duct work systems. A complete air conditioning system was installed to provide cooling for the first time in this historic building. We were able to complete this renovation, including all plumbing, water, and duct work systems, within 16 months.

The Please Touch Museum remains one of the most popular and acclaimed children’s museums in the country. With the renovations performed by A.T. Chadwick, the museum now offers a whole new level of comfort during the summer months, as well as new plumbing systems that ensure it will continue to educate and entertain for generations to come. To learn more about the renovations we performed at the Please Touch Museum, please contact us directly.

To learn more about this project or the extensive planning, preparation, and execution required to complete it, please contact us directly.

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